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Water Cooler Caddy

According to Bob Merrick, the water cooler caddy was designed to make use of the otherwise wasted top surface of standard 3- and 5-gallon water cooler bottles. Merrick estimates there are some 28 million water coolers in the U.S. Trademarked the Water Cooler Caddy, it is a plastic tray with a 5/8" wall around its edge and a means of attachment to the bottle. The tray provides a secure and convenient place to keep instant coffee, tea, cups, utensils, or whatever. Loaded with its contents, the tray may be lifted off quickly and easily when it comes time to change the bottle. The tray, which is round, was offered to advertisers as a product differentiator, and/or a self-liquidating promotional giveaway. It can be custom imprinted in color with an advertiser's message and logo. The co-inventor of this caddy is Robert S. Krolick.