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What six experts say about "Stand Alone, Inventor!"

"Bob's book brilliantly presents creative ideas for launching new products.
If you plan to profit with your new invention, start by reading this book."

David Pressman Author of the best seller Patent It Yourself !

"Written by one of the most savvy guys I know on the subject of entrepreneurial inventing. Bob's book does a terrific job of verbalizing inside information on how to succeed with simple inventions"

Michael M. Scott, The first President of Apple Computer, (From1977 to 1981)



"Hopefully, among the readers of this book will be those thousands who never thought of
themselves as inventors or entrepreneurs, but once learning how it's done, will be passionately
inspired, and successfully motivated."

Don Kelly, Director, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC,
Author & lecturer on invention and intellectual property protection
& renowned champion of independent inventors.more


"What this country needs is more stand-alone inventors like Bob Merrick, who find out how
to create their own job, and go on to create jobs for others. He teaches his readers how
they can succeed and make a difference, if they assume responsibility for their inventions
and for themselves."

Joanne Hayes-Rines, Editor,Inventor's Digest Magazine.


"Bob Merrick's story of how he achieved invention success is a facinating read, plus good guidance for how entrepreneurs can do it themselves."

Dr. Rick Crandall Ph.D., Author of the best seller
How_To_Market_Your Services: For People who hate to sell, and founder of The Community Entrepreneurs Organization.

"We always said Bob wrote the book on how to make it big with simple inventions - and now it's true. This is must reading for anyone who ever dreamed of making a difference in the world by adding something to it."

George Coakley, Chairman, Polytracker MLS, marketing genius behind the Pet Rock® and originator of musical greeting cards.